Content & Social Media Marketing

A bit about Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing [aka SMM] is a branch of marketing that involves creating and sharing content such as images, blog articles, videos and other forms of content over Social Media.

Social Media Marketing can help with brand awareness and marketing goals by using social networking platforms and techniques to gain increase your follower base. Followers will promote your brand by sharing and engaging with your content with their friends, families and acquaintances.

By using a professional, you can save yourself loads of time, while they make you loads of money.

Creating great, engaging content they will pass on and that can turn them into sales, takes a lot of time, energy and effort. A good SMM Specialist will spend large amounts of time interacting with other peoples content, responding to comments and messages to your brand, as well as actually creating the content.

Designing Social Media Posts

The Creative Content Part Of Media Marketing

Proper Social Media & Online Marketing takes more than just posting content. You need to create the content to post!

This includes writing blog articles, making brand related promotional or info-graphics.

It is important to be thoughtfully posting content to have a wider reach, come up in search results, wow potential customers and be the clear choice when you’re compared to your competitors.

I include the design process and content creation in my services.

I create custom content specific to each brand, person or company, and post it daily. I use ample experience in graphic design and copy writing to achieve successful content marketing for my clients.

A good Social Media account maintains an engaged audience and gives them something to come back to. By posting content that visitors to your profile see as worth sharing such as articles and captivating graphics, good videos and more.

By having a regular audience that is sharing your content, not only are you gaining more followers, but you are also getting brand recognition in its own form of marketing, think like the good-old-fashioned word-of-mouth method

Social Media Marketing is the new word of mouth marketing.

People don’t talk on the phone, and visit each other less and less in their spare time than they used to.

They spread the word about brands they like, places they go to, all of that great stuff, by sharing it on their social media profiles. In fact, people use brands as something to identify themselves with, already.

All it takes is a little online effort to turn customers, into fans.

My Clients

Take a look at a couple of companies I manage the Social Media Accounts, Websites & Blogs.

Operation Heart Heal

Operation Heart Heal is a First Aid CPR & AED Training Company that matches First Aid Classes with the donation of AED units that place or another community organization. Check out their blog, website & social media profiles. Content & Website written and designed by me.

Aim For Life

Aim For Life is a First Aid CPR AED & WHMIS Certification Center.
Check out their blog, website & social media profiles.
Content & Website written and designed by me.