What To Expect; Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is the way of modern marketing, it’s just the way it is. And think what you want about it, it’s not going to change any time soon. So if your marketing strategy is Build It and They Will Come, well in 2019, no one is going to come, because no one will see it, for real. 

Don’t get me wrong, traditional marketing avenues still have their place, and I use them with my clients on a regular basis. However, the reality of how our world is, almost everybody spends a great deal of time their phones, laptops, streaming YouTube, and mindlessly binge scrolling through Facebook and Instagram. Even if they are walking directly by, they are still usually looking at their screens. I hate to make this proclamation about my own generation, but it is true. Even me, I don’t use my phone when I’m walking around, or I am and I’m taking pictures, but I STILL am seeing businesses for the first time that I’ve apparently, been walking by every day for ten years. Social Media Marketing helps by getting more brand exposure through targeted posts, tagging, ads by establishing an online reputation, and maintaining it by having your brand and content that will bring people to it, make them share it and get them to visit you!

Here’s What You Can Realistically Expect Hiring an SMM Professional. 
  1. Expect to spend money, on top of their fees. For Social Media Marketing to work effectively, you have to spend some money. It takes money, to make money, sound familiar?
  2. Have realistic expectations. You hired them knowing that they know more about this than you do, just like you know more about your trade than they do. Keep that in mind before you’re seeing only a few followers and likes trickling in, rather than that stampede you built up in your own mind.
  1. Be patient. Like I said, any meaningful following is not built overnight. Slow and steady really does win the race when it comes to social media marketing. You will get there with frequent posting, your ads are being seen, they are making an impression and they are not a waste of money. 

Social Media Marketing isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but it can lead to a very profitable business, it just takes a little bit of time. People tend to have this preconceived idea that once you hire a social media marketer, you’ll get tons of followers and new customers right away. Once you do have that good online fan base, that’s when things will really start to take off for you SMM wise, but you have to get to that point quickly and properly.

Should I Hire a Social Media Professional?

Having a social media guru to manage yours is a good idea if you don’t already spend a lot of time on social media to begin with. While social media marketing is easy enough to do yourself, there’s also a lot more to it than that. There is much research, community engagement (replying to messages, comments) and reaching out to other brands and individuals and other back end stuff that is required to do Social Media Marketing properly and it can be rather time consuming.

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