Social Media Marketing

What Is Social Media Marketing?

In short, Social Media Marketing [SMM] is a method of marketing that uses social media and targeting ads to get your brand to come up in as many results related to it as possible.

Now, what does that mean?

Build it and they will come, maybe worked back in the day. But it is no marketing strategy for your field of dreams. 

All jokes aside though, the face of advertising has changed drastically.

Your brand needs to be where people are already looking, on their phones!

Social Media & Content Marketing gets content customized for your brand, designed to get their attention. People are very tolerant of traditional advertising, which is why now the best way of advertising, is to not actually advertise at all. 

If you have a good social media presence, a website and especially if you have a blog, that puts content directly in front of a whole new landscape of potential customers.

Why Hire a Professional for Social Media Marketing?

I have Instagram and Facebook for my business already, do I really need to hire?

You don’t have to, but here is why it is a good idea. 

You can learn the basics of Social Media Marketing from anywhere online ( just like the PIY Post It Yourself; Social Media Marketing course I offer for individuals and business owners) and you can learn enough to do a good job, and get a decent online following. This is can be effective enough to turn those online fans into profitable customers, as well as get the word out about your business. If people like the content your posting, they can’t resist hitting that little share button and telling everyone they know, with the push of a button.

A professional can help by designing content specifically to target getting you sales. Professional quality ads and other post content make a huge difference in just posting a picture with some hashtags.

A SMM pro also has a bigger tool belt in being able to get your content in front of the right people, as well as managing your official ad runs and marketing campaigns, with analytics to be able to gauge what is working, and what needs to change. They are also on top of the current marketing trends and changes. Almost every time a Social App is updated, there is an update to how marketing on that platform typically works. Now, there are many blogs you can follow to keep up with the trends, and it isn’t that hard to understand. But its time-consuming!

You’re already a business owner, on top of whatever your personal side is. Quality social media marketing takes hours a day, you have better things to do than spend your nights keeping up with trends, keywords, and hashtags!

I professionally manage Social Media Accounts, Marketing, and Public Relations. I track and manage how your brand is doing, and design and write custom content to get your business trending!

Contact me about managing your Social Media and Blog today!

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